The Grange is not home without family


Curtis - Gentleman Farmer

To be found guiding us through the woods, preparing the grounds for the orchard, tilling the soil to make it just right for Susan's Garden, grilling the perfect steak...or planning for the perfect evening by the fire or under the stars.  Curtis always knows the perfect way to make friends and family feel loved and right at home.


Susan - Gardener Extraordinaire

Not only is Susan beautiful, she has a brilliant mind and a wonderful artistic flair.

Her goal is to make the farm a home away from home and a treasured destination for our family and many friends.



Sebastian - The Mighty Turnip

Always the charming host, house engineer, swing builder, tree climber and budding babysitter.     



Lucas - The Brave Little Turnip

Always providing a helping hand, and full of giggles, Lucas will always show you the way. He'll also make sure everyone is safe and sound, close to home, and well fed and watered ;) .